15832011 - young artist painting an autumn landscape

Let Us Help You Find Inspiration

Checkout our gallery! Buy images individually or ready to go images with already designed matting and framing combos! Our gallery is composed of pictures from local artists.  You can find images of unique landscapes and wild animals in our gallery. From the bustle of the city in Chicago to the calm valleys in Europe, there are many pictures to choose from. If you haven’t found the perfect image in our gallery to frame, simply upload your own image from your phone! It’s that easy! If you already have the perfect frame at home, you can purchase just the print online! Visit our gallery!

15832011 - young artist painting an autumn landscape

To Mat Or Not To Mat

Keep it simple. Take a look at your picture and identify the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Which colors would make your picture pop? Will mating your image improve the look and quality you are going for?

Benefits to matting

  • Enhance quality and level of professionalism
  • Create distance between the glass and the image while protecting the image from sticking to the glass.
  • The ability to make a non-traditional sized image fit in a standard size picture frame.